War Thunder?

Anyone play war thunder here? Do we have a nak squad on that? Just had an epic game…

I used to play, but the player matching for ARCADE mode got a little ridiculous. Personally I did not dig having my warbirds flying against MiGs. If I tried, I shot a couple down, but it wasn’t my thing.

oh, I never do the planes. started with just the tanks although I feel they ruined that. turned it into WoT, nothing one shot kills. That being said they got warships now n they haven’t ruined it yet. its quite fun even when you’re out tiered due to MM. you can fire back lol, unlike the tank mode where whoever fires first gets the kill instantly lol. the might as well just have ppl running around with rocket launchers firing at each other lol. The whole point of a tank is that it’s armored lol supposed to be able to take a few hits lol

I bought a naval pack when they were beta and I thought they were fun but then I tried WoWarships and that was fun too. I should go back to WT sometime.