Warlords help and understanding.

Hello everyone, forgive my absence in the last weeks. Had some Internet and other issues that needed solving. Just got back some days ago and saw that this new “warlord” thingie exists.

I have been trying to find out more about it on youtube and by reading some stuff that people have written, but i’m still a bit at a loss here.

Maybe someone can answer me some questions regarding this, as i have not found much info on here or elsewhere.

1 - What mods are required and what mods are allowed in order to play warlords?

2 - The closest definition of what this is that i figured out was something along the lines of liberation/antistasi, but with PVP? So you can buy units/gear based on progress and even buy and control some AI, then go an capture sectors. Is that it or am i missing anything else?

Since i am a HUGE fan of liberation back in the day, I am really interested in trying this out, and what better place to try it out than on NAK, since stuff does get done here in an orderly manner.


No mods at all are allowed on the warlords server. The Warlords server is not really like antistasi, it is a little like liberation. It is a Capture the island game mode with 3 sides. As you earn control points on the map you earn CP to purchase AI, equipment and supplies.

The current implementation of the Warlords server is unique, in that you can have fun even if no one else is on the server. When no one is online the AI for all sides are still playing the game, when you pick a slot you will be taking control of an existing AI. You will take control of the AI exactly where he is on the map, with any assets that that AI might have control of. Now with you controlling one AI all the rest will still be controlled by AI, helping you meet your objectives.

Thank you for info VileAce, can’t wait to give it a try :slight_smile: