The Warlords server has been updated, with:

– Friendly AI controlling any empty player slots to help you finish the mission.
when you take control of a player, that player may be in the AO, as it has been controlled by AI until you took control.
–When only a few players are on, you can play on one side and AI will play the other and independent.
– The AI will purchase vehicles, infantry and supplies to help you win the game. Please do not steal AI equipment.
– All prices returned to default
– Starting CP set to 500
– Paths to finish the mission have been “narrowed” to make sure both side meet, in the middle of the map.
– You can attack the enemy base to WIN the game, we just ask that the enemy spawn point be the last CP captured to extend the game.

Please feel free to provide feedback. Warlords is new to us and we are learning how to make an enjoyable game for our community.