Wastelands feedback

So been playin’ on it for a while now, My thoughts; get rid of the rhs stuff. Many of the armed vehicles the aim is even off, none of the rhs planes lock on anything and the helos won’t lock anything either. We need the same sling script that’s on the other main servers as well. The sling script on the wasteland server often slingshots the vehicles back up into the chopper when released. Still dealing with stuff disappearing after restart even with pin locks and stuff. The loadout thing for armed aircraft is off by a bit. eg, ill load up say 9 scalpels and 9 asraams, itll end up giving me 6 scalpels and 12 asraams lol. Then if you take it to a repair/rearm/refuel vehicle itll give you the correct amount of things lol. A feature i think would be neat is if like how you can open the “transport” menu on the other servers (it has a name i just can’t remember it atm) and teleport between areas on bases… it would be cool if you could do the same thing with respawn beacons.

Be aware that the server is beta, and is by no means a final version. We may or may not release a Wastelands server into production. For feedback, because it is not a production server, we ask that you use our Wastelands evaluation form - https://www.naksquad.net/wastelands_evaluation/

ahh didn’t know that existed.