Way to many CAS jets that fly at once

I’ve come to realize that there are way to many CAS jets that have free range over any area of operations and seem to wipe out the playing field before any infantry or tanks and such can get to the area of operations. I’ve had multiple situations where side missions or priority targets were completed just by CAS flying over and completing the objective before any infantry got to the site. I wondering if it could be considered that the CAS had to wait to be called in by ground forces as an actual air support role and reducing the amount of CAS or jets in general that spawn on map at a time. I’ve also had multiple times where there were no transports available for heavy lifts or just a carry to a side mission or AO cause there were 5 or 6 CAS jets flying around clear all the enemy’s/ enemy vehicles. I wanna suggest that maybe only 2 jets can spawn at a time??.. giving the infantry more of a role in the server. Hope this post doesn’t seem like I’m here to just complain…im lookin to give good feedback to maybe better the server.

given all the AA sites that appear, not sure that is the solution… one thing that could help and Ive suggested this before on this issue is cluster bombs should be removed from all loadouts, that and make the other blackwasp a stealth version so its more of a cap role and limited bays. also dont forget side missions can give jets as rewards so sometimes there is just a tons of planes up because of this also.

I’ve normally see CAS go for the AA Launchers, Tanks and other hard targets first. This in turn leaves a safe LZ for helicopters to get troops in to the AO. From there our trips are usually quick to engage soft targets. There are also JTAC squads who laze enemy troops and request CAS. It’s really a team effort and many people enjoy flying, hence why there are a limited number of Vortex spots, and the are multiple objectives up at once so don’t feel limited to one objective. It’s fun to explore the other objectives on the map with your friends. There is also the HALO jump option at the flag poles if you are looking for some quick action or when transport isn’t available.

not lately you just have a bunch of plebs going all cluster bombs and carpet bombing eveything. why I said just get rid of them, think this will balance it out well… that and well most of the world has banned them being used anyway. I didnt even touch on that point till now.

My 2 cents would be to make the pilot roles specified; rather than just having like 10 universal pilots, instead have:

  • 2-3 fixed wing CAS with full access to munitions,
  • 2-3 fixed wing CAP with only AA/SEAD (HARM anti-radar) munitions
  • and the rest as rotary with full access to whatever they can strap to a helo pylon.

EDIT: This could also be paired with another suggestion topic I just made (JTAC revamp), such that CAS roles are required to get JTAC authorization before making a run whenever JTAC are active. Same as they are required to contact ATC if there is one active. Granted, this only works if my other topic is implemented, as that would require JTAC to be in teamspeak. More on that in that topic.

Remove CSAT/Independent jets and the problem is solved. That leaves 3 CAS capable jets. There is no need for more. People will complain that they don’t get to fly, but that is life. There is no way to sustain that many aircraft and give balance to every other player role.

Right now we have a relatively good balance between CAS/CAP and Transport. Keep in mind if for example we have 2 pilots flying as transport we already have two less spots designated for CAP/CAS. So when it comes to jets and so on. I assume your experience comes from the most full NAK squad hours, (Over 50 players on) where every single pilot slot is occupied, and many of them are airborne.

Similarly enough I’ll also quote Vile on this, as once again it’s quite appropriate in this situation.

Once again, whenever the server is full with each new AO three AA batteries spawn. (With additional side and main AO AA as well) usually even though that some of the pilots are able to survive, there are always friendly birds going down, enemy CAP, enemy AA, EMP, even though that it seems that there’s a huge amount of people airborne, they have plenty of targets to hit, Angara’s, Nyx’s, Centurions (Which are invisible on thermals) and so on, even though that often the pilots overcome that and end up destroying all of the armor, the priority is always as follows: New AO spawns. New AA spawns. All of the CAS focuses on the AA first, then flies to the AO. [If the server is quite populated TK’s still happen, but the pilots tend to be more careful (The ones that care about staying at least) and avoid using cluster munitions and so on.]

We have a relatively hard time as pilots, and often interaction with the friendly CAS might also be fun and entertaining. (Pilots love whenever someone from the ground is up to designate targets) It gives you stuff to do, and even though you might not be getting those 100 kills, you can also do quite well with a laser, correcting and coordinating friendly CAS strikes.

At least, that’s my opinion.

I literaly made a forum account to reply at this topic yes there is way to much cas , either cut some of pilot slots or simply split them into transport and fighters ,yes i know what u want to say …but sky what about the enemy jets we need something to kill them , well reduce their numbers too. , . Right now i am literaly looking in game to 6 jets flying around a new AO and 2 blackfoots in the same time , infantery had no time to do anything and everything was dead.