Weapon Attachment Issues

New to the forum - not sure if this is the right section to be posting this in, but I’ve suddenly started having problems with removing attachments from my primary weapon. I cannot remove any attachments from my primary weapon (outside of the Arsenal customization).

I always used to carry two scopes for close/far engagements, but I can’t change scopes now on my primary, and cannot remove/attach the suppressor. My brother is having the same issue. The side chat in game seemed to not be experiencing this issue.

Help would be greatly appreciated!

I have test switching between scopes on both Altis and Malden with no issues. The two possible causes that I am aware of, could be a mod interfering with the action or a corrupt profile.

The first thing to try would be to remove all mods, load into the server and try switching items again. If that works, it will be a process of elimination to find the mod that is causing the issue. You will also want to check you mods against our approved list. Any mod not specifically listed as approved is restricted. https://www.naksquad.net/mod-list/

The second possible cause would be the corrupt profile. If removing all of your mods did not fix the issue, you will need to create a new blank Arma 3 profile, then load in using that profile. If a new profile works, you will need to re-configure any changes in key mappings and set up the new profile as your default.

If neither of those recommendations fix your issue, you can let us know, but I am unaware of any other issues that might cause that symptom.

All mods are on the approved list.

I’ll try the second option. Thank you!

The first step was removing all mods whether they are approved or not. Mods can be corrupt or can conflict with one another.

FYI: Advanced Weapon Mounting was the approved mod causing the issue. Any dependencies or requirements that I need for this mod to not break my game? I couldn’t see anything obvious.

I do not mean to be blunt but I do not know how else to say it. Just because a mod is approved does not mean that we support it. It only means that it is acceptable on our servers. When we decide if a mod is approved, we primarily check if the mod is overpowered or provides an unfair advantage over players that do not use mods.

All I can tell you is this mod, did not provide an unfair advantage to the user of the mod.

No worries, thanks for you help! I operated under the assumption that “approved” mods were ones that you guys had tested and determined to be in good working order. I’ll keep this in mind for future mod installs.

I also had this issue with advanced weapon mounting and had to remove it from my client and collection. It is poorly coded. +