Website redesign

This topic is for bugs found in the core features of the website. If you have located an issue simple reply to this topic.

The links on the top right to go back to the main forum and such do not seem to work.

The top right on which page? Can you portioned more details?

Having recently dealt with a bunch of issues with my companies website, the following info is VERY helpful when trying to hunt issues down on websites:

-Mobile, PC or Mac browser
-Browser (Chrome, Edge, Edge with Chromium, Firefox, Safari, etc)

Sorry for not providing much information. I believe the part I’m talking about is called the navigation bar.

As an example:
The “Website redesign” discussion is nested within (Back to NAK Squad <) Main Forum < GENERAL DISCUSSIONS
I understand that those forum pages should be linked as they are mention on this “Website redesign” page.

See the following pictures, where i mark out the specific location.

I see the same behaviour on all pages i visited on the new forum, so i expect the issue to be in the forum header.

If you need more information, do not hesitate to inquire here or ask me in teamspeak


I’m using Firefox on a Win10 PC

Okay I found the issue with the navigation. I happens with Firefox but not chrome. Just to let everyone know the website is designed with Chrome Version 80.0 or above as the primary target browser. We will make it as compatible with other browsers as we can, but as each browser implements the HTML and CSS standards differently, we had to choose one browser as our 100% supported browser.

I will try to fix the forum navigation ASAP.

For other people having issues with things not appearing correctly make sure you clear you cache, and potentially clear the cookies for

Forum navigation in Firefox and Chrome is fixed.

On Win10 Firefox on the page:

Clicking the marked button called “create new event” ( forwards to ( instead of ( The page it forwards to is not found (

Fixed, TY

looks great, only thing I seen was this… Login button image/text/icon?

Where can I check who is playing and how many players on each server? The previous one show all the server with information who is playing and how many players.

I has not been added yet because it relied on external javascript that slowed the page considerably. It may be added at some point but not until we can do some optimizarion.

On the previous website there was a page with mission ideas/suggestions under:
Is this information lost now or can we still access it somehow? I was not able to find it using the advanced search option in the forum.
The content there has some great ideas that can inspire to build new zeus missions.

The system that the old provided the mission ideas/suggestions was not compatible with the new system. Finding a replacement is on the todo list.