Whats yall's "go-to" mod builds?

As someone who very much enjoys mod filled gameplay, what do yall think is the best mod combo for anti tank? When im on the ground I tend to focus on CQC builds for urban objectives, but I’ve recently been getting into the Anti-Armor aspect of the server. I never seem to have enough bag space for my primary ammo AND my launcher ( I tend to use the Javy’s). Just wanted to hear everyone’s thoughts. Hope to see yall in game!

VileLoad Equalizer - all bags are Bergen Capacity and ups load capacity of vanilla vests

I’ll get a better list of my relevant on-foot mods when I get home this afternoon. VileLoad Equalizer is probably the best mod for anti-armor capacity (rockets + goodies). I want to say there is an Up-armor mod for NATO and CSAT chest but I can’t think of the name of it (just type ‘NATO’ in NAK approved mods search)

For example, iirc on my pilot build I can carry 4(5?) Titan AA’s and I believe a Tool Kit in backpack alone. I think I have 8-10 6.5 mags, 2 pistol mags, couple smokes, IR grenade, and glow sticks on vest, and then 5 medkits in uniform pockets.

Going on memory On a side-op build I carry 4 AT MAAWS and 3 HE MAAWS in backpack, with space left over for extra goodies, and then load out chest with mag, grenades, etc. 5 medkits in pockets.
My JTAC build is similar but sans the HE rockets for more ammo and tool kit and mine detector.

All this with out having to have the Bergen bag towering over the back of my soldier.

Well this is my list of mod i use when i play on nak

AK Vests Steam Steam Workshop::AK Vests
AKM Optic Unlock Steam Steam Workshop::AKM Optic Unlock
Alpha Group Equipment Steam Steam Workshop::Alpha Group Equipment
Aspis Gear (Retextures) Steam Steam Workshop::Aspis Gear (Retextures)
Australian Commando Weapon Pack Steam Steam Workshop::Australian Commando Weapon Pack
C.O.S. Steam Steam Community :: Error
CBA_A3 Steam Steam Workshop::CBA_A3
CUP Units Steam Steam Workshop::CUP Units
CUP Weapons Steam Steam Workshop::CUP Weapons
Custom RHS M4 SOPMODs Steam Steam Workshop::Custom RHS M4 SOPMODs
Enhanced Movement Steam Steam Workshop::Enhanced Movement
Escape From Tarkov Uniform Steam Steam Workshop::Escape From Tarkov Uniform
Extra RHS Uniform Re-textures Steam Steam Workshop::Extra RHS Uniform Re-textures
GEARSOC - Deluxe Edition Steam Steam Workshop::GEARSOC - Deluxe Edition
Hidden Identity v3 Steam Steam Workshop::Hidden Identity v3
Hogs Gloves Steam Steam Workshop::Hogs Gloves
JSRS SOUNDMOD - Reloading Sounds Steam Steam Workshop::JSRS SOUNDMOD - Reloading Sounds
JSRS SOUNDMOD - RHS AFRF Mod Pack Sound Support Steam Steam Workshop::JSRS SOUNDMOD - RHS AFRF Mod Pack Sound Support
JSRS SOUNDMOD - RHS GREF Mod Pack Sound Support Steam Steam Workshop::JSRS SOUNDMOD - RHS GREF Mod Pack Sound Support
JSRS SOUNDMOD - RHS USAF Mod Pack Sound Support Steam Steam Workshop::JSRS SOUNDMOD - RHS USAF Mod Pack Sound Support
JSRS SOUNDMOD - SMA Specialst Military Arms Mod Support Steam Steam Workshop::JSRS SOUNDMOD - SMA Specialst Military Arms Mod Support
MCX Virtus Steam Steam Workshop::MCX Virtus
MICH2000,2001 Base Pack Steam Steam Workshop::MICH2000,2001 Base Pack
NIArms All in One Steam Steam Workshop::NIArms All in One
NIArms Core Steam Steam Workshop::NIArms Core
NIArms HK416 Rifles Steam Steam Workshop::NIArms HK416 Rifles
NIArms P226 Pistols Steam Steam Workshop::NIArms P226 Pistols
Project BJC - PMC Uniforms Steam Steam Workshop::Project BJC - PMC Uniforms
Project Infinite - All in one Steam Steam Workshop::Project Infinite - All in one
Remington R11 RSASS Sniper Rifle Steam Steam Workshop::Remington R11 RSASS Sniper Rifle
RHSAFRF Steam Steam Workshop::RHSAFRF
RHSGREF Steam Steam Workshop::RHSGREF
RHSSAF Steam Steam Workshop::RHSSAF
RHSUSAF Steam Steam Workshop::RHSUSAF
Russian Alpha AK Steam Steam Workshop::Russian Alpha AK
SigSauer SIG 516 Steam Steam Workshop::SigSauer SIG 516
Spec4Gear.v4.6 Steam Steam Workshop::Spec4Gear.v4.6
Special Stealth Uniforms [SSU] Steam Steam Workshop::Special Stealth Uniforms [SSU]
Specialist Military Arms (SMA) Version 2.7.1 Steam Steam Workshop::Specialist Military Arms (SMA) Version 2.7.1
SPS Equipment Steam Steam Workshop::SPS Equipment
SPS JPC Vests Steam Steam Workshop::SPS JPC Vests
SPS Weapons Vanilla Version Steam Steam Workshop::SPS Weapons Vanilla Version
USP Gear - Accessories Steam Steam Workshop::USP Gear - Accessories
USP Gear - Core Steam Steam Workshop::USP Gear - Core
USP Gear - Uniforms Steam Steam Workshop::USP Gear - Uniforms
USP Gear & Uniforms AIO Steam Steam Workshop::USP Gear & Uniforms AIO
V / Spiritus Systems Equipment Steam http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2176977109
VSM Accessories Steam Steam Workshop::VSM Accessories
VSM Uniforms Steam http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1452762519
VSM Vests and Helmets Steam http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1456022305
VSM Warfighters Pack Steam http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1449068453