When was the date when I started to play on NAK server?

Hello guys, im a returning player to your server. I used to play back in 2015.
I want to see if you could help me with something please.

If you do a query in your databases, to see the first login data you have for my steam id 76561197986565653 on your server(s), what date it shows?

(Just did a arma3 profile wipe a couple of weeks ago, btw)

All this because i feel im missing ts3 insignias and i dont know if i qualify for the new rank system you have now in invade and annex, back in the day was different.

Also want to mention that this request is also around the idea to form part of the staff of NAK.

Thanks in advance.

Our data shows that you connected to one of our servers as early as 4 years ago (Aug 8th, 2016) and before your recent connections, you were last seen 3 years ago (March 7th, 2017). The issue is that we have changed servers over time, so we do not have detailed records of hours for servers that we no longer own, which is one of the reasons we are now recording hours differently.

The ranks that we are now applying to players came into effect in November 2019. If you had been active at all between 11/17 and 11/19 we might have had some additional visibility into your hours. As for your rank, unfortunately, you will need to start over in rank as you even mentioned the server is very different now, so it is best to assign rank based on your familiarity with the current NAK missions.

In regard to all other NAK units and TS tags, we have records for everyone that has ever been assigned NAK Elite and NAK Donor and all of the other TeamSpeak tags came into existence after you were last seen March 7th, 2017, I do not show that you are eligible for any additional TS tags.