Whenever I get killed, the server kicks me and says: "Script Restriction #31"

How do I fix this?

Hello Sean,

please add more information about this!

  • Where/in which server did this happen?

  • when did it happen?

  • is that the only thing happened before getting kicked? tell the full story of the last 2 mins before the kick

  • any other information that can help

this will help the admins help you more and faster!

just provide the date and time of the most recent kick, Or log on again and get kicked and record the date and time.

the naksquad.net server, invade and annex Altis.
It happened on Tuesday
I was running with my squad, and we get ambushed. A couple of our guys go down and I get shot. Instead of getting incapacitated, the server kicks me with “Script Restriction #31.”

I would need more accurate times to find the log entry, there are thousands of entries in the logs. Restriction 31 is normally due to ACE or Alive - make sure you are not using either of those.

If it is not one of those, then connect, get killed and report the exact time.