Will NAK Full Tactical ever be back? Maybe something similar?

I have been on NAK on and off for a couple of years (mostly Zeus). What attracted me to the Zeus server were the open NAK TAC events. I would’ve loved to participate in the NAK Full Tactical training as well as the more serious operations the group hosted for their members. I realize that this took a lot of effort to host for a niche player base. I believe there are players on NAK that have the experience, technical skills, and maturity to reap the benefits of partaking in more advanced tactical training, and get the chance to prove themselves in challenging operations that require nuanced and methodical solutions. The attendance during Zeus modded events highlight the demand players have for something similar to what NAK TAC used to be.

As I mentioned, I take a hiatus from Arma every once in a while. For that reason I miss out on changes in the community and I never really knew whatever happened to NAK TAC. So please excuse any ignorance I might be showing. From what I can tell the group hasn’t hosted an operation since 2019. But just checking the forum now I see that there has been some activity this year (though seemingly unrelated).
Reply under this topic to discuss further, especially if you ever participated in NAK TAC events or are a member of NAK Full Tactical.

I missed out on the NakTac days and I’m relatively new to ArmA (~1250 hrs)… and my standard disclaimer applies (I am not an admin.)

There have been a couple NakTac basic training sessions to get things started and gauge interest. I’ll leave that to others to give more details if they wish.

I’ve noticed, and appreciated, the changes that NakOps have gone through as it becomes more organized, and players pick up more warrior skills needed to achieve leadership goals.

Lately, random Zeus Ops have been much more organized and often feel more milsim than the weekly NakOps events. I believe this is due to the somewhat random elements of public scheduled events, and the experience level of the “daily crowd” on NakZeus server accelerating faster than those who can (or wish) to only attend the weekly scheduled event(s). Absolutely nothing wrong with that, btw… but I can see this creating a wave pattern as the game and community ebb and flow.

I would say I agree with you and look forward to the day we can do even more organized and trained events… but I know it is a lot of work by a few people, and it may not last as we can see with the patterns form for NakOps and NakZeus.

But down to nuts and bolts:
Participation and practice hone warrior skills and promotes teamwork. Nothing helps learn or improve skills like using them and learning from your buddies. Participation also improved general measures, such as proper spacing, comms discipline, maintaining security during idle time (there is no such thing as idle time.)

Training defines what you need to learn. Instruction shows you better or standardized ways to accomplish tasks such as how to move in certain terrain or environments while under fire, how to avoid being flanked, or how to identify ways to overwhelm certain defenses. These skills then become something you need to practice and make your own.

Drills form patterned responses to common battlefield events. Repeating a Reaction-to-Contact drill over and over will make it 2nd nature when this happens during a mission and help to get a feel for how your teammates react.

Of these, everyone is responsible for participation. Nak Command and leadership organize and execute training. And I think anyone can organize battle drills once trained.

When in doubt, find an officer and ask what you can do to help.

This is a community effort, and we can only get out of it what we put in right?

Great insight Sny. I agree with you that the general direction of Nak Zeus is heading towards more organized and well thought-out operations.

I failed to acknowledge events like Tactical Tuesday, which covers the things you mentioned in your breakdown of training and drilling. (I was reminded by the recent NAK Instagram post about it.)

Like you said, those who participate on a regular basis pick up more technical and leadership skills. I hope that this naturally reinforces Nak Zeus to keep hosting more challenging and organized ops. And I agree, it is up to the community to bring up new and/or less experience players as to not alienate them. I think NakOps fill that experience gap by providing approachable gameplay for new players.

My hope is still that as more players gain more experience through Nak Zeus ops it will bring back more organized training (through NAK TAC or something else) and operations that put to the test that training and experience.

And… it may never happen that way.

So long as everyone has fun trying. It’s a bit like marriage: You might need to put up with something others find fun in order to get a taste of what you find fun.

Some will wait for days for someone to pop red smoke and call out those grid refs for a gun run to break up an enemy advance… while others just want to make sure their chest rig matches their period correct optic, or lack thereof.

And so I tolerate the fiddling with the arsenal for a little while longer… and call in a CAS run instead of keeping the glory all to the team… all so I can participate in that rare boonie hat raid or drive a bobcat and keep the roads clear of wrecks.

What I’m saying is what it ends up being might not be what we think it will be. But it will be something we all do together, which means that it should have something for everyone in it.

Or… not. It’s the journey that counts in the end, right?

I’ve gone past my 2 cents at this point. Accounting for inflation, taxes, fines and fees… I figure I’m gonna need a loan to pay the difference.

I am going to be open and straightforward with this topic. Last month we started with the preparations for bringing NAK Tac back. My idea was to make a working test in mid-May. Sadly real-life and admin-related issues stopped me to continue development. Thankfully as mentioned the modding of the Zeus server has helped in two things.

  1. Increasing the popularity of the server
  2. More structured operations.

Right now the next step is to start working on the organization of the Unit itself. For this realistically with all these issues going on it’s going to take me 1-2 months to get a test mission and clear organization. The idea is to bring NAK Tac back before the year ends.

Appreciate the update. Let us know what we can do to help in the meantime.

Thank you for the update!

I myself am pretty new to Arma but have lead Ops in other games and looking to get into a tactical unit in Arma, I’ve been playing primarily on NAK Squad Altis since downloading the game, and enjoying it alot. I will be joining a tactical unit but would prefer to keep it in the NAK Squad family.

TEXN here,

I eagerly await further information related to this subject. I also readily volunteer to assist in training, support functions or in any other way that is deemed beneficial. My KSA’s are right in line with this directorate.


What is the current status of NAK TAC? I’d love to join the next event.