XENO - Taru Pod Mod - Alrady Restricted


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XENO - Taru Pod Mod

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Let me start off by saying that I would like anyone considering this request to put aside any and all previous thoughts regarding the Taru helicopter functionality - or its lack thereof, so that I can properly argue in favor of adding this mod to the NAK community. Now onto the matter at hand. When first showcased the Taru helicopter was heralded as a great addition to Arma, allowing quick, adaptive responses to hostile environments while providing CSAT with an equivalent heavy lift helo to NATO’s Huron. But when players were able to get their hands on it and realize that it completely lacked this functionality, Bohemia was quick retort that Arma’s engine just couldn’t feature such an addition and wrote the idea off. For many players, Bohemia lured them in with false expectations only to pull the rug out from under them. But the playerbase of Arma was not deterred and those equipped with the appropriate tools set out to correct this wrongdoing through scripting and other methods. Only a month after Bohemia’s error did the community come out with a solution, XENO, the Taru Pod Mod. XENO allowed players the ability to unlock the Taru’s full potential. Not only could pods be interchanged, but they also hosted the ability to be inserted into hostile areas through airborne paradrops. Players could be med evac’d, fuel and ammo airlifted to armored assets in the field, and all while maintaining the Taru’s secondary capabilities. XENO’s designers even ensured that players couldn’t abuse the system by equipping a Taru pod while also sling loading, a limit which balanced the helicopters capabilities. XENO’s developers rose to the situation and delivered where Bohemia couldn’t - and they did so with fewer resources. But now you’re wondering why this mod even matters. Background is nice and all, but what would this mod provide to the NAK community? Well, lets explore these reasons together. A staple of Arma is the ability to take the spheres of warfare and combine them into a fully-fledged experience. As you will see, adding this mod doesn’t just affect the air portion of warfare, but can influence armored and infantry aspects as well. In NAK’s current state, armored units are almost always required to be air lifted into their objective - this is reasonable as Altis is such an expansive terrain - but what happens when these vehicles require support? A well-versed Arma player might recommend airlifting a bobcat, allowing the ground unit the ability to rearm, refuel, and repair all at once. This is hardly a fair method, and besides the point NAK doesn’t allow the bobcat to be airlifted around the map as they’re all cemented into crucial positions for other units. This leaves the ground unit with only one choice, contacting air assets and hoping that one or another is already in a helicopter capable of heavy lift or persuading a pilot to leave their current aircraft and pilot their way to the AO. This can take away crucial time and there is a major flaw to this. Pilots are inherently attracted to combat aircraft. Joining Invade & Annex will provide enough proof as the Wipeout and other CAS aircraft are almost instantly grabbed up. That means that at worst an armored unit would have to wait for even longer as a pilot lands their previous aircraft. This is a waste of time and actually incentivizes pilots to ignore ground assets. This problem could be entirely circumvented by implementing this mod. Furthermore, adding XENO would bring an immense amount of functionality back to the Taru. At present the Taru is shoved in a corner near the fixed wing aircraft and sees little to no use at all. Players simply don’t see the aircraft as attractive enough to use. Adding this mod would bring this asset back to life. Players could finally admire the beauty of the aircraft while appreciating its functionality in the heat of combat. In my almost one thousand hours of playing Arma, I’ve found that bringing an asset to its full potential can greatly increase the likelihood that a player will utilize it. I can say without a doubt that from Unsung to Exile and even some of the lesser played mods of Arma that this is what players want out of Arma and that adding this mod to NAK’s servers would positively affect the experience of players and NAK veterans alike.

Already Restricted - Blows up. Mod also requires vanilla lift script.