XP for ground vehicle transporting players

Recently I had the idea that ground civilian vehicles (such as the van transport etc.) provide an XP incentive for players that decide to pickup others and travel by ground. I often see players just force respawn when there are very few/none transport pilots available. I think the risk that players wait for and decide to travel by an unarmed vehicle should be rewarded especially since the amount of time it takes to travel across the map compared to air vehicles. The points could be the same, only limited to civilian vehicles and could be adjusted for a certain distance for the reward to be activated.

Any thoughts on if something like this would work without it being exploited?

I am not the one to say yes or no to this idea, but this is what i think of it:

i think since we have Air transport (faster), and the respawn and helo jump (even faster than air transport) the players will almost never wait for a vehicle on land.
It might not be hard to add this to the server, i dont know. but in my personal opinion… i think it will be just extra code the players have to load when joining the server.