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I would like to see the Y-32 Infantry Transport be swapped with the Vehicle one, For it seems that Vehicle Transport is much need and the Y-32 can’t heavy lift anything, Plus, Everyone does Infantry but not Much Vehicles,

I would love to see a compromise and see the Xian Vehicle placed at the infantry HQ.

There is a non-combat Blackfish at the infantry base that is designated to move vehicles and another one designated to move people. Also, most helicopters can transport most vehicles, if that helps.

Not move the Y-32, but swap it with the Vehicle Transport one

The Vehicle Transport Variant of the Xian can only carry

Quadbikes (2 max)
Qilins (armed/unarmed, 1 max)
UGVs (armed/unarmed, 1 max)
Civilian cars (but not trucks or vans)
Offroads (only repair and unarmed variants)
Utility Drones (All variants, 4 max)


The Y-32 has a narrower range of vehicles it can transport than the vehicle transport variant of the Blackfish. Additionally, the infantry transport variant can only load up to 16 infantry passengers instead of 32 passengers like the Blackfish.

It does not make sense to have such a limited vehicle transport vehicle, whereas, as an infantry transport vehicle hit has one of the largest capacities and the best defense (weapons) and armor in that class.