You guys are actual clowns

There are nicer ways of appealing, where you might actually find out the reasoning of your ban, and how it can be either removed, justified or otherwise understood. But with how you’ve put this, you’ve only made this difficult for yourself. soooo.

Good luck with that…

  1. Aircraft can’t exactly clear an AO if the AA is still up. we’re good, but not miracle workers. Infantry are more than capable of RPGing AA tanks and SAM sites.
    1.b. pilots can’t exactly tell what targets the ground forces want dead unless you guys call out targets in side channel.
  2. the Teamspeak rule and Vortex pilots role are there to prevent griefers, trolls and untrained players from wasting assets and committing intentional FF.
  3. i seriously doubt you were banned for just complaining about the jets not flying.

Alright I am locking this topic to prevent this clownshow turning into a full blown circus.

@Hornet221 and @FlamingNinja, please let the admins handle these threads.

@Rico, you were not banned, you were simply kicked by the automod for the line "“CAS are actual retards” .

You concluded yourself (and I agree with you in your conclusion) that the NAK servers are not suitable for you. This conclusion combined with the behaviour shown in this post has resulted in a permanent ban from all NAK resources. Thank you for having played on NAK servers but you are no longer welcome.