Zeus Carrier ops

So had an idea here for a Zeus mission.

Wondering what the interest would be with carrier operations, since I haven’t seen one done in some time.

Mission would a combined air strike package against several AFRF (armed forces of the Russian federation) Targets on the island of tembelen. (If I’m saying it right).

While also dealing with any Air to air threats or Anti air threats.

A mix of both vanilla and cups jets will be used of course,

F 18 Black wasps with extra pylons
Harrier’s or F35’s


A black hawk or ghost hawk will be available to pick up any downed pilots

Refuel and rearm vices will be available

As a few people will be need to act as ground crew and 1 Atc.

And 4 people to act as PJ’S (those Para rescue guys)

Probably gonna run this Friday night just before nak ops on Saturday

Judging by people’s interest. Time TBA.


So we have done one of those every now and then, however the problem is that they are extremely difficult to run properly and tend to go wrong one way or another. Furthermore they can easily get boring without exaggerated use of force and assets. Thus that would be why you don’t really see them often at all.

Nine times out of ten it’s much easier and much more doable to offer a ground-based challenge to players not to mention that despite having many good pilots in our Zeus player-base the majority of the average player is still more of a ground grunt so we also have to keep all this in mind. Not saying it’s impossible to have them but i am saying that it’s really difficult to run them successfully as intended and so a more “traditional” type of mission is usually preferable and much more favorable when we have many players.

As for the idea itself it’s pretty much what i would personally expect from such a mission however at that point if i have a lot of people i would probably turn it into a combined arms mission to satisfy everybody’s interests as air-only is not everybody’s cup of tea ~ o7

I’m seeing some limitations already smurf. Not to mention that trying to place the Static Assualt ship in cups seems to spawn under water and not on the surface. Soo I’m thinking I’m gonna make some adjustments and changes to what I’m thinking as an idea.

Probably will run this around 6pm cst USA. Time on Friday

Modded ships are glitchy to say the least so i recommend simply using the Freedom for actual carrier stuff o7

That is sounding like a better option or using the small base out side the main island for tembelin. I’m gonna run some tests in editor later tonight to figure out what works

the modded ones are not fullying there, so best not to use them, with zen you can spawn the freedom very easily, and the cup ships are very buggy in the Zeus interface, and will spawn on the floor of the water.