Zeus Loadout Suggestion

Morning all! I just wanted to make a suggestion to whoever is the Zeus and sets up the missions. I think we have a common issue when the Zeus sets no restrictions for player loadouts and while I don’t want that to change, I think the Zeus should at least have a Uniform restriction. Everyone should wear the same Uniform so there’s a less likely chance for a friendly fire incident. Players could still pick whatever weapons / ammo etc…just everyone use the same Uniform. What do you guys think?

I think that this would be something you can coordinate with the players in the lobby. If the Zeus allows freedom on the uniforms, you should be able to coordinate and communicate as players to come to an effective solution. If a player is just trying to look like the enemy to get friendly fired, I would get an admin involved seeing they are trying to be a nuisance.

TEXN here,

Normally, I have loadouts ready for every op. It’s only when the Zeus changes things up to a non-standard uniform/equipment kit, does the outfitting become difficult. Additionally, not all Zeus’ know to put the uniform of the day on the map. Exacerbating this omission is the fact that many players do not know to look on the map for this info.


Maybe that could be added to the signs in the box and fob… something like “check the map for uniform and loadout restrictions.”
But Wave is right, there’s no reason the players can’t come up with this if the zeus has no preference.
The SOP should be check the map, if not there, ask the zeus, if there’s no preference, pick one and tell everyone else that’s the standard uniform for the mission.

Bonus points if you take a leadership role at the same time…

… and delegate uniforms to one of your TL’s :wink:

Thank you all for your perspective in this, I appreciate you guys! Thank you!