Zeus Modded server Event Ending

Hello everyone.
It has been decided that the server has been running for a long time on modded and it would be best to revert it back to the vanilla server with the allowed NAK Optional mods.

This change will take place this Thursday (27th of May) at approximately 6 AM EST.

This change will allow more public players to find and join the server randomly and maybe stick around.

If you have any questions, please write them down here.

-1. Don’t do it,



-1. Please don’t do this, it will lessen the experience without TFAR. Please don’t do this. maybe change the mods up?

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+1 Would like to see more new faces, also hoping this will allow on more focus for those proposed modules to be implemented.

+1 Would like different maps again/ for the next event to have RHS as well.

I understand the sentiment for new players, but it would be nice to have something that would fill the desire of
“veteran” members of the community who want something more than the vanilla experience of arma. Particularly in the zeus environment of arma, I think the success of the modded event can attest to this fact, especially when it comes to quality of life mods like TFAR and ACE which improve the game immensely.

TEXN here,
+1, we need a change.

I hope ACE/TFAR will someday become the expected normal state of the server (though with the full map pool, including Altis/Stratis/etc.), but it’s definitely time to unmod it for a bit and get some new faces in.


-1. Mods add a ton of enjoyment

-1 in my opinion Zeus modded is the best part in nak server allowing Zeus to enjoy seeing everyon in uniform instead of seeing them in boxers because Zeus cant have mods loaded. and it allowed different type of mission made by the Zeus

+1 even though modded Zeus is a lot of fun and Ace and TFAR add a lot to the game. I think that a little break from mods would be nice. But I would like to see it return in the near future.

+0. Although I wish we were given access to a larger pool of maps and I have loved every second of the modded event, I agree that the event has been going for quite a bit of time, and getting more new people into Zeus is a great idea.
One example of getting new players: when I was playing on the Altis server I ran into and started playing with Birdman, who we all know by now. I told him I had to go because I was going to Zeus, and that he should really check it out because it is a ton of fun. I got him into the TeamSpeak and was able to get him into the op that was going, and the rest is history.
Getting more people into Zeus will improve the modded events in the future.

I do think we should start a thread going over what we enjoyed and what we would want to be changed in future events- FFT.

I understand all the -1 that everyone posted here. If I were a player I would probably also give -1 to this.
Sadly I saw this change fits from an administrative point of view and I ran it by the other admins and they agree with it.

I will take this feedback with me and will try to push a new event as soon as possible.
At the moment we have the new dlc map going public and the Antistasi sessions also modded (the next session will be today or tomorrow, will post soon today)
so we are still busy providing new content. I hope everyone understands.

till then, yours truly,

+1 on going back to normal.