Zeus Restrictions

For the Zeus server, we are implementing a couple of security checks upon entering the server.

The first 2 checks are based on the Zeus role. If you try to connect to the server using one of the Reserved Zeus slots, without having been approved you will receive the following error:
Non whitelisted Zeus_reducedBy50.jpg
The second message you may get is the result of being banned from the Zeus Public role. If you have been banned from the Public Zeus slot and are attempting to connect to the server using the Public Zeus slot you will receive the following message:
Restricted mods Kick_reducedBy50.jpg
The last message you may receive will occur if you attempt to connect to the server while loading an unapproved mod. Both players and Zeus are limited to the mods that they can use. As a Zeus, reserved or public, the only approved mods are Achilles, ZEC - Zeus and Eden Templates / Building Compositions, ZEI - Zeus and Eden Interiors, CBA_A3, VileFPS Monitor, VileHUD, VileAim, and Zeus Enhanced. These mods have been added to the Official NAK Zeus Collection collection in the Steam Workshop to assits Zeus subscribing to the allowed mods.

As a player, you can get the approved mods list from our website. Any mod not specifically listed in the Approved Mods section is restricted. If there is a mod that you think should be allowed/restricted, you can complete a Mod Request form.

If you are using an unapproved mod you will see the following message:
Public Zeus Banned_reducedBy50.jpg
If you think you received any of these messages in error, speak to an admin in TeamSpeak so that we can help resolve the situation quickly.