Zeus server back to vanilla

As of today, the Zeus server will be rolled back to Vanilla settings. This is due to the lack of activity in the past weeks, and the fact that we need to increment our new player base in the server. The modded event limits this by adding an extra barrier to new players. More modded events will come “X” amount of time, but they will be shorter as they used to be. We’re planning also the comeback of “Special Day” events. These events will have a very specific mod-set and will last for 1-2 days. Regarding Zeus training, we are working to get schedules back up as soon as possible, once we incentivize the community with more Zeuses the server should kick itself back up. Last but not least, other minor changes will be made before the year ends, this might include:

  • Replacing the FOB

  • Save your mission

  • Editor placed objectives (to break the monotony of Altis and other maps.)