Zeus Server Updates Log

This Topic is intended to inform the players of our zeus server about the updates that we push to the server to keep them in the loop.

Update 050620:

  • Added some walls to the military base at Pyrgos to make a prison inside the base.

  • Added two tunnel doors on the south of the southern peninsula on altis to ‘fast travel “underground”’. It can be used with scrolling on the board in front of it’s door

  • Added high walls for the spawn box on all other maps on the zeus server.

  • Fixed the issue with Squad Leader role spawned inside water on the OPFOR side.

  • Removed flag poles and lamps inside the spawn box and added two street lamps inside the walls to fix the bug some people used to get out of the spawn box using enhanced movement and other methods.

  • Added/Fixed EOD aka explosiveSpecialist trait to players.

  • Added/Fixed UAVHacker trait to players.

Update 080620

  • Fixed Players not showing in Zeus Interface automatically after 60 sec.

  • Fixed Ammo boxes in FOBs not being Arsenal.