Zeus Special Event #19

_**It is a period of modded events in the galaxy. A brave alliance of underground Zeus fighters has challenged the tyranny and oppression of the awesome NAK COMMAND.

Striking from a Teamspeak channel hidden among the billion stars of the galaxy, Zeus players have won their first victory in a battle with the powerful NAK Command. The Admins fear that another defeat could bring a thousand more modded events into the player’s hands, and Admin’s control over the galaxy would be lost forever.

To crush the rebellion once and for all, the Admins are constructing a sinister new modded event. Powerful enough to destroy an entire Zeus Server, its completion spells certain doom for the champions of freedom.**_

This Event will have a small list of Required mods and a small list of Optional Mods and will start on Friday the 18th at 8 PM EST.


The Players and the Zeus will have to load the following mod list:

The Player is free to load any or none of the mods from the following list:

anything else is not allowed.

May the force be with you!

This is a ~7 GB total download if you don’t already have them, including optional mods (which are small).

Don’t wait 'til the last minute unless you’re one of those mythical gig Intertubual people. In which case, feel free to brag to everyone well in advance about how you waited until the last second as opposed to waiting until everyone is trying to figure out how to make TFAR work >X(

I got to say, past CUP events were around 45 GB so I tried to make this very user-friendly.

My Internet is only 50mbps (it travels via corn and soy and smoke signals). Once I started adding them up I was less worried.

I was mostly looking for an excuse to mess with my sig and whine a little about everyone with “real” internet.

shakes his fist at Elon’s Dishy McFlatface

wait, you think 50 mbps is slow. Looks at old adsl in aus (2.5 to 5 Mbps for years). HMMM

Wait… you guys have internet?