Zeus special event feedback and map suggestion

The Zeus special event 10 was awesome, there is only so much that we can do with vanilla Arma and having a new map, as well as the RHS assets, was a great experience both as a Zeus operator and as a player. Thank you Volcano and the whole staff for making this incredible event.

As a Zeus during the event I observed a substantial activity on the server, with missions being run almost all the time, good engagement from the seasoned players and even some new names popped up in the NAK Zeus community.

In this post I would like to make a suggestion for the next one, it would be cool to use either the CUP assets (vehicles units and etc) or RHS in a map where vegetation has a bigger role in the gameplay, me and Swerlys (@Trapizoid178) spent some time looking for it and we think that Sahrani would make a great map for a future special event.

The map portrays a good variety of biomes including heavy and continuous woodland with well-placed mountains and plateaus as well as a desert in the southern part of the map, the little islands around sahrani offers great potential for the use of aerial assets in the missions.

A small setback is the relatively small amount of enterable buildings and even that can be of use for a mission since it eliminates those predictable and boring instances of clearing buildings just to find out that they are empty. The buildings that are enterable are in key positions and offer a good gameplay value. I am sure that the other Zeus operators and players will have as much fun in Sahrani as they had in Abramia.

Sahrani can be found on the mod CUP Terrains - Maps that is available here

I agree. Just looked around a bit on the map and has great potential for running many different missions. I liked the map change to isla abramia and would like to see events like this in the future. The playerbase seems to be present.

I also agree, the popularity of the first event was amazing and there were constant Zeus missions. The players loved it and I think it might be time to think of a possible new event. I also love the map that you suggested.

I also think that the event was very fun, and I hope that it will be ran again in the not so far future.