Zombie server?

Hey I remember a while back. I saw a video of a nak zombie survival server from the youtube channel and was really wondering what happened to it or if there is a way to try and get a NAK survival server going because I would love to play on that server! Thanks in advance!!

The server was taken down, due to lack of players. We may bring in back in rotation with other modes in the future.

If we were able to bring it back, would we be able to play it on a different map since most players dont have the contact dlc? Maybe such as altis or tanoa because I did not have the contact dlc at the time and would love to play it on one of these maps. If so, I can try and round up a petition of players who would want to play on it and have a fun player base. I could try and help as well if you need extra personnel to set it up. Thanks!

I too would be willing to help petition for the zombie server. Not only are they fun but they might bring a different player group to the nak community as well.

I do like the idea about bringing this instead of Malden which was removed due to the lack of activity. It might be really interesting.

There are no immediate plans to bring this server mode back. When I said, “We may bring in back in the rotation with other modes in the future.” I was talking long term. At this point, we do not have a place (physical server) to run any other missions. Our current focus will remain on Altis, Tanoa, and Zeus. We may also run special events on the Zeus server, which could include zombie style missions, but running any special events is still a few months out.